Boho Dresses

We have a romantic start to warm weather. Say hello to spring with our new BOHO  DRESSES...

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Menswear Fashion Week 2015

TGIF @ [VM] VERO MODERO Special Offer !

New Half Sun Glasses only 10L for this weekend! Don't be late for this special offer...

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Dreams for FFL

Dreams.... [VM] VERO MODERO @ Fashion For Life 2015 - Dream Mini Dresses and Gowns...
MILAN: Builder, MaximilianIII Massenberg

New Crop Sets !!!

This skirt set with asymmetrical cuts will be indispensable to your wardrobe.
Leather and satin vests, asymetric style cuts and black pearl necklace will complete your look with stylish details.

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Cream colour dress and suit for you and your loveones. These gifts completed with butterfies! Stop by [VM] VERO MODERO to get yours!

Don't forget to tp your friends for take these amazing gifts.

Party Outfits

4 Leather and 7 satin top completed with wild textured slim fit pant.
Are you ready for weekend party!!!!!

Choose your style and be star at the parties !

Jade... She is rock !

JADE outfit completed with an amazing helmet and gold cuffs !
She is ROCK!
You will choose your fav colour from 5.
You will buy the helmet and cuffs separately too...

Nathan Cardigan Outfit

- 4 colour option.
- This sets include cardiga. v neck t-shirt, pant and shoes


Info about the event:
A total look for Fashionart ! Frida Kahlo inspration Skirt, top, scarf, head roses and eyebrows !